Weird Japanese Ice Cream Flavor

These are some strange and unthinkable taste of Japanese ice cream. Apart from ice cream Wasabi, I taste other listed here I will never be heard. If you love ice cream, you need these flavors of Japanese ice cream is available.

Crab Ice Cream (Kani Aisu)

Hokkaido, northern Japan, the Presidency, for a rich array of seafood, prime among the delicacies being crab is known. Although everyone is not the preferred ice cream flavor, this dish is worth getting into claws.

Cactus Ice Cream (Saboten Aisu)

Tasty treat is the heart of ice cream lovers everywhere prick. This smooth and refreshing with a taste that must be like drawing water from the cactus after a day in the desert was burned.

Octopus Ice Cream (Taco Aisu)

You want to tantalize taste buds with a tentacle? If so, Octopus Ice Cream is the go. Japanese have been able to come with an amazing variety of uses eight feet, including movie porn elegance keep running. Surprising that the octopus to their way found in ice cream, and then.


Wasabi Ice Cream (Wasabi Aisu)

Sushi is their bite from horseradish sauce in Japanese is known as wasabi. While burning makes it enjoyable flavor addition to raw fish, flavor, tangy wasabi ice cream also makes amazing food.

Eel Ice Cream (Unagi Aisu)
Eel Ice Cream in Japan, which probably explains why Futaba decided to use it to flavor in ice cream. Surprisingly, savory flavor is quite smooth, even if you think that is eaten is not quite as tasty.

Fish Ice Cream (Sanma Aisu)

What should be the smell of fish flavored in ice cream with saury, saltwater fish popular in Japan … But there are no concerns with this offering from Kimura Shoten as smoke fish have been by liberal doses of brandy was drowned. Still the greatest ice cream flavor on the ground, though.

Shrimp Ice Cream (Sakura Ebi Aisu)

This prawnographic! Most people will report to health authorities if the cave shrimp body full of ice cream, but with the usual product of Roman Holiday. Preview shrimp ice cream probably conjures up among many people is probably the real taste.

Chicken Wing Ice Cream (Nagoya Tebasaki)

Nagoya is famous for its poultry, so that should not come as a surprise ice cream flavor is better described as a stain. This fact, like fried chicken wings, which is fine if that’s what you eat, but if not you tucking some of the ice cream tastes.